How to Reduce the Financial Cost of a Flight Delay

Going on holiday and flying can be expensive on a good day but add a flight delay to that and it can get even worse. How can you reduce cost when flights delayed?

If your flight is delayed, particularly if it is for a long time, there could be costs that you will have to pay. However, there may be ways that you can avoid these costs and so it can be worth planning in advance so that you do not have to pay out unnecessarily for things. You may also be able to avoid paying at all for some things, so make sure that you are aware of this.

Food and drink

If you have a delay then it is likely that you will need to eat and drink. Airport food can be expensive and so you could end up spending a lot of money on this. Before you buy anything check with your airline to see whether they are offering any food vouchers. If the delay is over a certain time, they are obliged to give you some vouchers to cover the cost of food and drink. Ask them for details so that you are awareand you can decide whether you want to wait until the delay has been long enough for you to be given these or whether you are so in need of refreshment that you cannot wait. Even if you do pay yourself, keep receipts just in case you can claim back afterwards.


A long delay may mean an overnight wait and in this case you may think that a hotel is the best option. Before you book one, do check with the airline to see if they offer a complimentary room, which they may do if the delay is their fault. Otherwise, you should compare the prices of the different rooms in the area to make sure that you get the best deal. You may find that looking online using a comparison site could help with this.

To save even more money you could try to sleep at the airport. You are unlikely to get a quality sleep but there may be somewhere that you can curl up and have a nap which would save you having to pay for a hotel room.

Missed connections

If you miss connections as a result of your flight being late, you could end up having to pay for alternatives. Try not to just go for the first option that you see as it could be expensive. Take a look at all of the options, such as buses, trains , taxis and hire cars and think about which will be the most convenient and the cheapest for you. If you have other people with you in the same situation then sharing a taxi will be cheaper than going alone. If you end up having to pay extra for connections, then you may be able to get compensated form the airline for this additional cost, so it is worth investigating this.


To pass the time while you are waiting for your delayed flight, you will want o be entertained. Many people will use their mobile devices, but you could also read books, do puzzles or read newspapers. Many people choose to buy books at the airport as well as magazines and these can be expensive. It is good to try to be prepared and have some with you, but if you do not, then see whether you can borrow from other people or swap books with them so that you do not have to buy them. If you are using your mobile device to entertain yourself, make sure that you are not overpaying for data. You should be able to do things offline or you may be able to use the airport wi-fi for free. Try to find out so that you are not spending money unnecessarily.


In order to pass the time it can be tempting to have a wander around the shops. This can be fun, but you can end up spending money that you would not otherwise have done so. Try to resist buying things that you do not need and would not have bought had your flight been on time. Go to the shop knowing that you are not going to buy anything or try to change your mind set to knowing that you will just be browsing and not buying. If you have anyone else with you, explain this to them and therefore ask them to stop you buying anything or if you have children with you explain that you will not be buying anything but just looking. If you are with others who are not interested in shopping then leave your money with them so that you cannot buy anything.


Have you ever had a big delay and found it added loads of unneeded and unwanted costs?


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