5 pregnancy sleep solutions.

I’ve always struggled getting to sleep, mainly because my brain thinks its the best time of day to worry about useless things. Since becoming pregnant this time round it’s not always the falling asleep that’s the problem… It’s the staying asleep.


Limit caffeine –

This one is pretty obvious and during pregnancy it’s something you should be doing anyway. Make sure you’re not having caffeine too close to bedtime. Beside the obvious that it keeps you awake it also makes you need to pee more too. Don’t forget there’s sneaky caffeine in chocolate!


Small dinner portions / Stay away from certain trigger foods –

I find it so hard to get comfortable after a large meal, so eating close to bedtime and eating a large meal always makes me feel more restless when trying to sleep. Eating big portions and certain foods can also give you heartburn/ acid which doesn’t help either.


Short naps in the day –

I know it’s not always possible. Work, other kids and general life always get in the way but if you can get the time taking short naps of about 30 minutes during the day will help you get a better night sleep. You won’t be as exhausted in the night and that will hopefully lead to a less restless night. Don’t take naps too close to bedtime, obviously.


Extra pillows –

Whether its a pregnancy pillow or a few extra normal ones it helps to prop yourself up. I find it helps me not end up sleeping on my back which is to be avoided during the third trimester. Pop one between your legs to ease hip and back pain too.

A Good mattress –

This is something we just don’t have. Ours is pretty firm and that doesn’t help when you’ve gained weight and have a bump to support. I find myself tossing and turning all night because everything at one point or another has gone dead. I feel a bit like a sausage that needs to keep being turned most nights. If you’re looking to upgrade on a budget then check out groupons deals on bedding which includes mattresses and mattress toppers.


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