Num Noms collectors case review.

If you have a child of pretty much any age you’ll know that they love anything small and collectible Pops is no exception.

We’ve definitely collected more Num noms than anything else, I think mainly that’s down to just how many different types there are. From stamps to lip gloss each new season has brought us something fun to collect. The fact they smell amazing helps too.

We’ve been sent the Num noms collectors case and not only does it look adorable and just like a Num Nom ours come personalised! What is is with kids loving anything with their name on?


The collectors case is pretty big but lightweight and sturdy. It can store up to 50 Num Noms stacked and even comes with stickers to organise them into categories. You even get a special edition Num and Nom!


Pops has a fair few Num Noms but I’m not quite sure she’s the #biggestcollector. If you think you’re little one is then you should definitely check out the new campaign that has been launched.

“We’re giving away the biggest prizes yet with a huge product bundle, branded goodies and even money – plus prizes for the runners up.

If you think that you have the best collection of Num Noms we would love to see your pictures, all you have to do is simply share a picture on Facebook and tag Num Noms or email it to showing us why your little one is such a fan.”

If you enter we’d love to know! Tag us in your Num Noms pictures, we’d love to see just how many your little one has. Good luck, I hope one of the winners is an Arepops reader!


Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

We were sent the Num Noms collectors case for this post, all opinions and need of organisation are our own.

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