Bring in the New Year with kids – How to make NYE special with little ones.

So how can you bring in the new year with kids?

As a parent it’s pretty difficult to see the new year in, especially with younger kids. You can’t really drink and you’re tired way before 12!

MM is working during the day so we’ve not got much planned so i’m in need of some ideas.

I’ve asked some other bloggers to give me some tips, I hope they can help you too…

A little tea party with hat’s and the things that make noise,  we decorated the room with NYE decs. Mine loved it.Anklebiters adventures.

Take away and movie night (then it’s time for a glass of wine once little ones in bed). Then opening the new calendar in the morning to show it’s now a new year. When I have my niece we stay up and watch the fireworks on the tv but J is a bit little to stay up that late. – Mummy EST 2014.

We’ve done a few things over the years…. 
Filled balloons with helium with a tag attached. The tags had an email address we’d created and various friends emailed it to say the balloons has reached different parts of the world. They loved it!! 

We’ve also had a glow sticks party. 

Released Chinese lanterns. 

This year we’re having indoor fireworks. – Our altered life.


We pretend it’s midnight really early by putting on a YouTube video of last year’s fireworks at about 7.30pm, wish them a happy new year and put them to bed! Then enjoy ourselves!! – The money whisperer.

I’ll be giving mine to the grandparents for the night and heading out for some much needed couple time with my partner- Christmas is such a busy time we’ve not had many chances to just be ‘us’. Our son is 16 months so he’ll be tucked up in bed and we will get to see the New Year in standing on a beach in Cornwall. – A mum full of dreams.

We have a mini party, Jools Holland on TV, let the kids stay up as late as they can manage and we write new year hopes and wishes, hang them on our little driftwood tree and read the ones from the last new year. – Kelly Allem writer.

The last few years, and again this year, we have had friends who also have young children around. We start around 5pm and then just carry on until the little ones have had enough. Have food, play games, get the karaoke out. We usually go outside around 8pm to do Auld Lang Syne as midnight is pushing it slightly as all the kids are young. We also have reusable plastic wine glasses for the children to drink out of – and they think that’s amazing! – Cardiff Mummy says.

Being family-oriented is something my parents valued as a family and I want to apply the same thing in my own. As much as possible I want important occasions to be a family gathering such as birthdays, Christmas, and New Year, and with my daughter being 3 years old, I want her to feel the excitement of New Year by letting her stay-up late to watch fireworks and countdown with us. – My parenting journey.

Our families all have young children and so we all cook something for nibbles and have lots of family games, music and fun. Watch Big Ben counting down, sing Auld Lang Syne and then weather dependant release lanterns for loved ones. – Mimi Rose and me.


What do you do with the kids to celebrate?

Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

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