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If you love honest parenting and other random things you’ll feel right at home here.

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I’m Ayse, it’s pronounced ‘eye-sha’ for anyone that was wondering.

I’m a mum of one and still getting my head around it all! We moved to Wales from London when I was pregnant and I made the choice to not go back to work after having pops… something I thought I’d never do growing up. I love mooching around charity shops and car boot sales and love to do crafty things, although my skill level doesn’t match my ambition!

Lily or pops/bug, the boss… or so it seems sometimes!

She is 3 going on 13 and obsessed with surprise eggs and watching youtube. She is loving, kind, considerate and a bit nuts.



The man of the house. He works for primark (10% discount ONLY for two weeks at Christmas) he loves football, playstation and eating noodles. He’s a giant child really! He’s the lighthearted spontaneous to my planning over thinking.

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