9 ways to announce your second baby.

How do you announce your second pregnancy / baby? If you look online you’ll see thousands of different ways you can from the big to the small.

Here are 8 ways to announce your second baby that are fairly easy but lovely:


Jules and her family from Pondering parenthood all got involved for their announcement. I love this idea, it’s such a lovely way to share the news and doesn’t cost anything!

8 ways to announce your second baby



Harriet from Life with Mrs Lee shared a post full of beautiful images announcing their second baby, simple but so special my favourite is the one of them all together. Check out the post to see the rest of the images.



Leah, who blogs at Home Family Life shared their news over on her Youtube channel and also shared this image on social media too. The video was such a lovely story of their lives and something they will be able to look back at when the kids are older.



Aby  from Something about baby and her family shared their news on the blog and shared this lovely image of Alfie awaiting his sidekick coming soon!



Another video announcement from Kimberley from OddHogg, This one is slightly different because it shows their first little one finding out and being… not very bothered by the idea of a baby sibling. This will be such a funny watch back once the new baby is around and ‘Piglet’ gets into the big brother role.


Kayley from Friendly First Foods secretly hinted about her pregnancy with recipes that included the weekly fruit size before announcing their news. Such a great idea!


Lucy, who blogs at Real mum Reviews got her little girl to share their news. Using a photo frame, lots of cute big sister smiles and a little bit of editing magic they ended up with a beautiful result, check out the blog post for tips on how to achieve this yourself.



#9 (and my favourite because it’s ours)

A few people have mentioned about our nod to a boy, this was completely accidental because we don’t even know ourselves! The hat is grey and the bunny is white. You could defo add secret nods to the sex if you wanted to though.

Pregnancy announcement


How did you let people know you were having another baby?


Until the next post,

Are and Pops.


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