5 ways to quit smoking.

I’ve always been surrounded by smokers and have never really understood the appeal. After speaking with a few of them we’ve come up with some of the best ways to quit smoking. 5 ways to quit smoking.

Quit cold turkey  –

Pick a day and stick to it, the NHS have stoptober that you can aim for although that may mean waiting a while if you decide to give up at the beginning of the year.

E Cigs and Vapes –

These seem to be the most popular way to quit at the moment. They allow you to ease yourself off the habit and you can even lower the strength of nicotine until you feel more comfortable. There are so many options including flavours like chocolate and cereal and even accessories for your vape. Just be careful you don’t move one addiction to another!

Support –

Let your friends and family know you’re quitting and what type of support you will need. You may want to be left to it or you might want reassurance, whatever it is make sure you’re clear from the start. It will also mean smoking friends and family won’t be offering you cigarettes or asking if you want to join them.

Keep busy –

Have a bottle of water to sip on when you feel the need to smoke and keep yourself busy. Take up a hobby or start some exercise.

Remember why you’re stopping –

Make a list of the reason or reasons why you’re stopping. Whether it’s because of family members, a health scare or even money. Having it there to look back on will help you on those harder days. You could even try saving the money you would have spent to give you that extra incentive.

Have you stopped smoking? Did you use any of these or have your own tips?

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