5 amazing places to scuba dive.

There’s so many beautiful places in this world and under water has to be one of the most stunning. Someone once said “we know more about the surface of the moon than we do of the ocean floors” so with that in mind here are 5 amazing places to scuba dive:


About 5 years ago MM and I went to Egypt and decided to go snorkeling, It was absolutely amazing and ever since then, I’ve really wanted to go scuba diving. We stayed in an amazing hotel where just off the beach you could snorkel around and while it was nice, the day trip we took was so much better. When you scuba dive you can go even further down and into bits of the water that are so untouched and even more beautiful. When diving in Egypt you will be getting to see the best the Red Sea has to offer, with so many dive companies out there and locations to explore there’s something for everyone.



When you think of scuba diving most people would think of the Great Barrier Reef and after an image search its not hard to see why. It looks bright and colourful and It’s somewhere I would love to see for myself. We would love to visit Australia so this one is definitely on our bucket list.



With some of the largest reefs in the caribbean, it is it’s easy to see why keeping this area protected is important. The diving here has so many amazing reviews. It boasts the certainty of seeing sharks. There are so many amazing places to scuba dive in Cuba but Jardines de la Reina seems to be a big favourite.



Already a place on so many bucket lists because of the stunning beaches, The Maldives is host to some great coral reefs with an abundance of marine life… not to mention the beautiful clear waters. By moving slightly away from the reefs you will even get to see a variety of sharks and manta rays.



With some of the best places to scuba dive and the largest amount of fish species its not hard to see why Indonesia is one of the hottest diving places. While there are great dives for beginners there also seems to be some rougher and more tricky dives that need a bit more experience.


Wherever you choose to Scuba dive (or snorkel) you are bound to see beautiful views and marine life. The most important thing is to go prepared with an underwater camera, you could grab a cheap disposable one but if you want to capture the beauty of it all you need something a little more special!


Have you been Scuba Diving? Where would you recommend?


Thanks to Louise, Emma, Alana, Ann, Emma and Anna for their suggestions!


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