My slimming world journey – week one & two.

Slimming world…

I never thought I would be someone who was on the slimming world journey. I’ve previously tried online Weight Watchers, but, whenever I heard of Slimming world I just thought of older people. I guess that’s me now though isn’t it?

During the week I’m pretty good, my downfall is always the weekend. Meals out and movie night snacks… so I needed something to keep me accountable and that’s where my weekly slimming world weigh ins will come in handy.

My first impressions of the diet are positive, its pretty simple to follow. You get a book with a fairly detailed list of things you can have ‘unlimited’ of and it even includes things like plain rice and pasta. ¬†There’s also your syns and healthy choices.


My weigh in day is a Thursday!

Things I’ve eaten so far in week one and two;

Omelette – Lots of omelette! Eggs are a ‘free’ food and you can add anything from onions to beans and its all ‘free’, just make sure its friend using Frylight (or other 1 calorie oil sprays)

Jacket potato – Potato is another one of the ‘free’ things you can have, add some tuna (or chicken etc) and salad and you’ve got another free meal! (you could add a little mayo or dressing if you count the syns)

Stir Fry – Lots of veg and rice, we added prawns too!

Sweet potato curry – We usually add coconut milk but left it out to make it a ‘free’ meal.

Fat free yoghurt with fruit – a great ‘free’ snack, just make sure you don’t eat too much as it contains a lot of sugar.

As you can see I’ve not been very adventurous with the type of things I’ve made, if you have any suggestions for ‘free’ meals and snacks (that don’t contain meat) then let me know in the comments!





Are you on the slimming world plan? How are you getting on?


Until the next post,



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