Why is daddy always better than mummy?

In this house Mummy (me) does everything, well, except mornings. MM works hours that mean hes here for mornings but not for bedtime.

Who am I to take the only time they have together during the week? I leave them to it and that suits me because it means I can have some well needed sleep. If I even attempt to get up with Pops in the morning she full on refuses and will play up until Daddy gets up… so why bother?

Butlins minehead

She’s always been a daddys girl but as shes got older shes definately been more vocal in letting me know.

Shes so loving and when its just us shes usually full of cuddles and tells me i’m her best friend and how much she loves me. The minute daddy is around thats all on him… untill recently where shes constantly missing him and reminding me she loves him when he’s not there.

Daddy better than mummy

Dont get me wrong, I love their relationship and growing up I always wished to be closer to my dad but its wearing thin.

The past few days Pops has taken to telling me she loves me, but daddy more.

Yesterday, she said I love daddy but don’t worry, i’ll miss you. – I’m pretty sure that means shes plotting to kill me?

Completely out of nowhere today she said ‘I love you a bit, I love baby a bit more and I love daddy the most’. Now shes definitely not trying to hide it!

I’m not alone! These other amazing ladies have the same thing with their little one. As Good Charlotte said ‘misery loves company’


My daughter never leaves my side and I assumed I was very much her favourite. When I went away for the weekend and she stayed with Daddy, when I got home expecting her to greet me with open arms she barely looked up and said, “Oh, I’d forgotten about you!” – FiveLittleDoves


My daughter has spent the whole day today looking for her Daddy and basically ignoring me. – KatyKicker


Mine’s too young to talk yet but I’ve offered him a toy when he’s in a meltdown and it makes him cry more and then daddy offers him the exact same toy and he’s all smiles! –WelshMum


Oh my goodness… ALL THE TIME! The other day I went to pick my eldest up from preschool and he announced he didn’t like me and wanted Daddy to pick him up. I was so upset by it and he must have sensed that because after his nap he came and gave me a cuddle, thanked me for picking up from preschool and then said he loved me lots. I keep telling myself he favours his dad because I’m the one at home with him… but in reality I think it is because Daddy is better at playing dinosaurs. – OurFairytaleAdventure


Does your little one have a favourite parent?


Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

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